Awakening Of Spring

by Frank Wedeking
Date: 12,20,21 November 2010, 19:00
Release date: November 12, 2010
Ticket price: 15 RON, 10 RON for pupils, students, unemployed, pensioners
Directed by Nucu Ionescu
Scenography: Bogdan Teodorescu

Costume: Sebastian Cercel

Vlad Wolf, Alexandru Dobinciuc, Adriana Gîrneţ, Alina Mândru, Adrian Marele, Ana Maria Chelaru, Claudia Chiraş, Andrei Onofrei, Anca Gutui, Cristina Rotariu, Roxana Durneac, Bogdan Cantauz, Mihaela Budău, Alex Iuraşcu, Alexandru Amargheoalei, Raluca Ştefan, George Gardener and Luci Valacu

Regarding the love stories he staged, the director of the show states as concisely as possible that ” … for love you need a happy heart “.

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