National Naive Art Salon

The contagious spirit of the late Policarp Vacarciuc – the soul patron of the International Salon of Naive Art in Iasi – unites this year, under the auspices of the magazine “Naive Gallery”, important names of national and, this time, international naive art , marking a step forward in the evolution of this cultural act.

The multi-artist Costel Iftinchi, the organizer of this beloved event, brings to the Tataras Athenaeum 20 painters and sculptors from: Bacău, Baia Mare, Aiud, Târgu Mureş, Constanţa, Reşiţa, Cluj, Sălaj, Galaţi, Iaşi, Maramureş, USA and Hungary. A guide to inner beauty, this album suggestively titled “Feelings in Colors and Shapes” reveals how strong color can be in the hands of these wonderful artists, bringing us closer to each other – viewers and painters – more than words do.

Each tells his story that begins with “once upon a time …”, or each becomes a story without beginning and end, in a three-dimensional reality of being: throughout the three stages of life, artists materialize, through the vibration of color, the memory of the past moments. We learn from them to always be young, always dreaming, always living.

The formulation of a definition of naive art is possible, but it is not an easy phenomenon to frame between precise limits. We notice, however, that an exercise of this type takes a back seat in importance, in the light remaining the achievements and visual joy that are offered to us by those present at the salon with numerous awards received in the country and abroad.

The idea belongs to Costel Iftinchi, a complex personality and a visionary in the field, through whom many artists managed to be publicized, being opened the way to consecration.

We are beginning to believe that Iaşi has become a center of Romanian naive art, the place where it has an active nucleus, noting not only through a multitude of specialized publications, but also through the creation of creative camps that artists have so much need. In this way, a strong creative breath is transmitted through a significant increase of important and qualitative artistic events.

This admirable and inspired album manages to be part of the history of contemporary naive art, testifying to the value of the group of artists present in the exhibition, contributing to the expansion of the Romanian naive art on the universal map.