2015-2016 Theatrical Season

Tatarasi Athenaeum announces the opening of the period for the submission of directorial projects for the 2015-2016 season .

Theatrical projects proposed for the 2015-2016 season:

” The Nameless Star ” by Mihail Sebastian
The ” Illiterate ” by Branislav Nušić
“The Bear ” by AP Chekhov
” Didina’s Girls ” by Victor Eftimiu
” Take, Ianke and Cadar ” by Victor Ion Popa
The text of the project will be based on one of the 5 proposals mentioned above. The project must be designed for the large performance hall of the Tatarasi Athenaeum. Information on the technical aspects of the room can be requested from the secretariat of the institution.

Considering one of the objectives of the Tatarasi Athenaeum, that of encouraging the creation of young people and stimulating young talents in culture, our institution launches a theatrical cultural program for a young director . In this sense, we will finance a play, of your choice from contemporary drama, proposed by a young director up to 30 years old . The proposed play must be a premiere for both the director and the Athenaeum.

The director and the scenographer, if applicable, must be graduates with specialized higher education.

The number of pages and the form of the projects are at the free initiative of the director. A submitted project will include: the directorial concept of the show, the dramaturgical text, a presentation of the director / team members (if applicable), the technical needs of the show (these will take into account the technical endowment of the institution’s performance hall), as well as costs investment in production and copyright.

The date until which the projects can be submitted is: February 26, 2015, at 16.00 and they will be submitted to the secretariat of the institution , in the form of a written presentation of the directorial-scenographic concept. These can also be sent by mail to the institution’s headquarters in Ion Creanga Street, no. 14, Iasi.

For more information we are at your disposal.