Premiera Criminal

Youth, good mood, an intriguing script, dance, light and lots and lots of music. These ingredients are mixed in a “whole” that aims to be a unique event of the Iasi theatrical landscape: the musical! That this formula has given me a hard time is easy to understand. I had to forget the essential lessons of the theater and reinvent my original “routes”, which sometimes defy the “rules”.

Addressing the situations in the Stanislavski-Brecht balance, generated by the script, is a necessary challenge for some student-actors in the final year. Because, it is about an entire promotion of the Faculty of Theater from Iaşi. Psychological realism and parody, detached commentary and burlesque in measured doses, become ways of counterpointing for these young aspirants to the performing arts.

Professor Jighirgiu’s immediate temptation was to become the director of Jighirgiu. I didn’t repress it, but I weighed it long before launching proposals that would value me, to the detriment of the performers. I aroused in the students a serious and elaborate way of working, taking landmarks from the normal formula of working in the classroom. An artistic product has come out that represents us all. My collaborators and friends, teachers Alexandru Petrescu, Ligia Grozdan, Oana Sandu and Laura Bilic seconded me with dedication and inspiration in this risky adventure.

I hope that the audience will have the same joy that we, the directors, had when we worked on the show.

Octavian Jighirgiu