Scapin’s Neighborhoods


Constantin Avădănii / Viorel Vârlan, George Şfaiţer, George Grădinariu, Vlad Baba, Sergiu Moraru / Adrian Marele, Anca Gutui / Maria Mădălina Costin, Emma Toma.

These classic texts, so old … are more contemporary than all of us put together. And that’s because it was written hundreds of years ago or even thousands, it shows us with each new staging that in all these years that have passed, we humans have remained the same, with small and petty souls.

Moliere’s comedy, Scapin’s Cunning , which we will present to the public in the wonderful space of the Iasi Athenaeum, sheds light on the struggle between the love of money and the love of people. We aim to laugh at hypocritical, stingy people, with money-scribbled souls, and to give a flower of light to those who have the courage to truly love.

We are waiting for you at the Athenaeum to make your grandchildren, grandparents, uncles and parents laugh, all those who are in love, because … the story is about us.

Nucu Ionescu, director Scapin’s Cunning

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