How Did Gambling Movies Evolve With Time?

How Did Gambling Movies Evolve With Time?

Gambling has always been an intricate part of society, with an immense number of bettors and players worldwide. You can easily imagine how much the art and media must have depended on the daily gambling craze as the public demanded them the most.

With an array of games and lotteries to showcase, movie developers never found any scarcity to include an iconic scene or two, many that are still popular these days. However, even if gambling was common, the theme and their depiction vaguely changed with time. Explore here how gambling movies changed from the past till date.

How Did Gambling Movies Evolve With Time?

Ealy movies focussed on name and fame

The early-stage plays, theatre, and paintings had a huge share of gambling scenes of the freshly emerging games. The movies usually showcased the local games popularly played in the inns, lodges, or gatherings. As the games were then the latest involving bets and money, they successfully gathered crowds around a single table.

Most of the movies like Doctor Mabus the Gambler of 1922, A Streetcar Named Desire of 1951, or The Gambling on The High Seas of 1940 were focused on depicting how the casino and gambling games were successful in attracting different people to socialize together. The movies also focussed on introducing different games like poker or lottery spins which were the most preferred during the time.

Medieval movies dug deep into the games

As the casinos developed around the world and people discovered a large number of local and foreign games, it was illogical to introduce them anymore. The growing number of ace gamblers and the dire want of tricks and strategies to play inclined the movies to dig deep into the gaming plot. It was probably then James Bond emerged as an iconic character Dr.No in the first movie of his series in 1962.

Later, the typical gambling scenes of The Cincinnati Kid of 1965, The Croupier of 1998, or Tricheurs of 1984 focused on showcasing the gamblers’ tricks and schemes to con the opponents. With strategic bets, sleek body language, and precision in calculating the odds, the characters certainly became the epitome of analytical players to the viewers. The movies considered simple games like Poker and BlackJack but included the deepest of the clever tricks.


The current trend

2006’s Casino Royale was an unturned Bond’s presentation playing the role of an ace gambler, after which the influence seemed to wane away slightly. As the world developed with digital resources and automatized innovations, society favored the latest graphics over the mortar world fancies. It surely reduced the inclusion of gambling games in the lot but didn’t completely vanish.

Recent movies like The Uncut Gems of 2019, Molly’s Game of 2017, or The Card Counter of 2021 included gambling, but the scenes were a part of an entire big scam. The emerging online casinos are the recent attractions, and society is slowly moving towards them over real-world games. As movies always seem to evolve with the public demands, it is no wonder if the upcoming movies would have video games and live casino challenges.

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